Learn, Network, Innovate at the NFPA Conference & Expo

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Take a look at what’s in store at the NFPA Conference which returns to Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas in June

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is set to host its annual Conference & Expo on June 19-21, 2023 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Thousands of professionals from the fire, electrical, and life safety industries will gather for the event to attend over 110 educational sessions, covering the latest issues, challenges, and trends in the field.

The expo, featuring more than 300 exhibitors, will showcase products and services necessary to meet and maintain compliance with prevailing codes and standards in the design, construction, and operation of buildings and facilities. Attendees can also expect a series of pavilions, presentations, and special events to address specific topic areas, including electrical safety, emerging technologies, and community risk reduction.

The NFPA Spotlight on Public Education (SOPE) will be held on June 19-20, covering a wide range of public education issues, such as fire prevention programs and approaches for multiple age groups, the value and impact of community partnerships, and CRR strategies that can help effectively impact communities as a whole.

The keynote speaker at the conference’s opening general session will be Dr. Albert Manero, a social entrepreneur, educator, humanitarian, engineer, and superhero to hundreds of “bionic kids” who have benefited from his mission to make 3-D printed bionic prosthetic limbs accessible to all. Dr. Manero will deliver an account of the difference one person can make in the world while championing the art—and highly human impact—of science, technology, engineering, and math.

The Technical Meeting, which allows NFPA members and the public to express positions on each certified amending motion (CAM), will be held on June 22. If necessary, the meeting will continue on Friday, June 23, allowing additional time for full debate and action. The Motions Committee will announce the final details of the Technical Meeting scheduling, as well as the full agenda of all CAMS to be debated and acted upon each day, on or before 9 May.

The event is set to attract thousands of professionals from the fire, electrical, and life safety industries. Its educational programme will cover the latest issues, challenges, and trends in the field, ensuring that attendees are up-to-date with the most current and relevant information. Here are a few of the key sessions to look out for on each day.

Monday 19 June

The presentation “Addressing the Life Safety Risks and Hazards of EV Manufacturing,” will focus on the unique hazards present at each stage of lithium-ion battery and EV production. Presenters, James Taylor and Tanner Burke from ACS Group, will also discuss how LIB can be used for strategic protection to address the safety risks and hazards associated with EV manufacturing. This session will take place from 8am to 9am.

Elsewhere, “Decoding PFAS in the Fire Service: What It Is and Why It Was Used” will be held from 9:15am to 10:15am and look at the basic understanding of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and their use in the fire service. Attendees will learn about North Carolina State University’s recent research on PFAS compounds present in firefighter gear, the dermal absorption of PFAS, and the biological impacts of PFAS and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PAH) compounds.

“Fireground Contaminant Exposure Control: National and Regional Approaches” is scheduled from 10:30am to 11:30am and will look at current national and regional approaches used by fire departments for their exposure control policies and the training health and safety personnel and leadership on these approaches.

Also on Monday, “Emergency Action Plans and the Role of the Fire and Life Safety Director” will take place from 10:30am to 12pm and provide attendees with an understanding of emergency action plans and their importance in protecting building occupants during emergencies.

Tuesday 20 June

A key presentation “Constructing the World Cup – Qatar Civil Defense leads with Fire and Life Safety,” kicks off Tuesday’s proceedings at 8am. It will focus on the preparations undertaken by Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, including multi-billion-dollar infrastructure expansion, construction, and renovations to support the event. The Qatar CD, under the Ministry of Interior, will share their experience and highlight successes and challenges in fire and life safety, crowd management, and stadium and facilities protection for this unique experience.

“Fire and Life Safety Design in Airports: A Case Study” will be held from 9.15-10.15am. The presentation will cover the case study of the Hamad International Airport expansion, where a fire and life safety strategy design was implemented based on NFPA codes and standards.

The session; “Technological Advances in Exit Signage” will be presented from 2-3pm and will highlight the limitations of static exit sign messaging in buildings with complicated egress layouts. Attendees will learn about technological advances in sensors, controls, and artificial intelligence algorithms being designed for emergency lighting systems to be used for dynamic directional exit signs.

The presentation “Sustainability vs. Life Safety: The Debate of the Decade” is scheduled for 3.15-4.15pm where experts from the realms of fire and life safety and sustainability will debate which aspect is more important. Attendees will hear the discussion on the use of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon foam surfactants, the continued use of clean agent systems known for stratospheric ozone depletion, and the overabundance of water wasted by fire departments.

Also on Tuesday, “Fire Alarm Contractor Shortcuts and Mistakes: How to Avoid Common Code Violations” will take place from 4.30-6pm. The session will discuss the common code violations that fire alarm technicians regularly commit. Attendees will learn how to spot these violations early, and the discussion will cover topics from NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, and NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, with a focus on their application in the field.

Wednesday 21 June

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Joe Kovalsky’s presentation on “Mental Health Resources in the Fire Service: Tips, Advice, and More” is a much-needed discussion in the industry. It’s no secret that many firefighters and first responders battle mental health problems, but the stigma around seeking help is still a significant barrier. Attendees of this session will hear the personal journey of one firefighter who struggled with PTSD and sought treatment.

Another session on the agenda, presented by Weston Baker, AVP, Senior Engineering Technical Specialist at FM Global, is titled “How Roof Pitch and Ceiling Structures Affect Fires”. Attendees will learn about the impact that roof pitch and ceiling structural members have on the build-up of thermal layers under ceilings during a fire event.

“Solar and Energy Storage System Safety and Reliability”, presented by Bill Brooks, Principal at Brooks Engineering, is another essential topic for attendees. Attendees will learn about the current challenges that face the solar and storage industries as they play a more significant role in the supply of power across the world.

And finally, Ashley Rodrigue, Public Affairs Director at Lousiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, will present “Data-Driven Community Risk Reduction: Innovative Ideas and Action Steps”, a session which is designed to arm participants with ideas and action steps to drive strong Community Risk Reduction (CRR) initiatives. This session will connect the dots between CRR theory and practice, providing participants with the tools they need to implement effective CRR initiatives in their communities.

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