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Philips Automotive launches LED lightbars to boost visibility on and off-road


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A new range of auxiliary lighting from the leaders in automotive lighting is taking driver vision to new levels. Launched by Lumileds and shortly available in the UK and Ireland, the Philips Ultinon Drive 5000L series combines the brightness and clarity of light from LEDs with rugged design, to create a fresh generation of road-legal lightbars for trucks and cars and the option of an off-road boost*.

The range and illumination to spot hazards early

The new Philips lightbars provide superior visibility of around 400 meters or more and give drivers a clearer view of the way ahead and more time to plan or react to changing conditions. The high-lumen LEDs produce a combined spot and floodlight that shines far and wide illuminating potential hazards on the roadside as well as in front of the vehicle. The cool 6500 Kelvin color temperature enhances driver focus without inducing eye-strain. The top-or-the-range UD5050L has an integrated off-road boost function that generates 4,000 lumens at full power, offering even greater visibility when drivers are off the beaten path.*

Durability that’s designed in 

The sturdy, single-piece build of the Philips Ultinon Drive 5000L series allows for optimised heat management (illustrated) and consistently high light output. IK07 impact resistance ensures trouble-free performance on uneven surfaces and the unbreakable polycarbonate lens will withstand bangs and scratches. 

Aided by an ingenious  design, dust and water resistance to IP68 and IP69K standards means that these lightbars can take dusty trails and power washers in their stride. Robust connectors keep the power flowing and the lightbars’ stainless-steel mounting brackets are corrosion-free and capable of handling snow, ice and even salt. In short, the 5000L series is engineered for years of reliable service.

Road-legal and ready to roll

Fully compliant with ECE-R149 standards, the new Philips lightbars are approved for use on public roads. They have also been tested to EMC R10 specification, guaranteeing they will function smoothly without interference to the vehicle’s electrical systems. So wherever a route leads, drivers can be sure the Philips Ultinon Drive 5000L series has the power and durability to light the way.

*Off-road boost integrated for UD5050L. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that the installation and use of the LED lightbars complies with applicable local legal requirements. Boost function is not permitted for use on public roads and can only be used off road.

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