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Magirus Italia delivers turntable ladders to Ministry of the Interior

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On January 26, 2023, the Ministry of the Interior received 42 vehicles from Magirus Italia in a ceremony in Brescia, Italy. These are part of a larger order of 50 units and mark Italy’s commitment to using state-of-the-art technology to protect its citizens.

Magirus said it was proud to be part of this commitment and confident that these articulated turntable ladder will play a decisive role in saving lives. All units, characterised by advanced technological features, are based on Iveco or Magirus chassis.

Magirus Italia handed over the 42 turntable ladders to the top representatives of the Ministry of the Interior during a ceremony at the headquarters of the Brescia Fire Department. These vehicles are part of a large order to Magirus Italia and testify the willingness of the Department of Home Affairs to use the latest firefighting technology to protect the public.

The delivery includes 10 M42L-AS on Iveco S-Way, 3 M32L-AS NB on Magirus FF160 E32 low profile chassis and 29 M32L-AS on Iveco Eurocargo chassis. Magirus’ modern turntable ladders offer firefighters maximum flexibility and safety with reliability.

The three types of turntable ladders are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including the Magirus Single Extension technology with articulated ladder-set, an RC500 rescue cage with a capacity of 500 kg (up to five people), a stretcher support device with a maximum capacity of 270 kg, the Magirus SafetyPeak (anchor device for protection and rescue of two people) a generator with start/stop system from the main control stand, an electrically adjustable water/ foam monitor in the front of the cage, self-protection nozzles, Magirus EdgeLight safety lighting, as well a video and thermal camera in the rescue cage.

With each of these 42 vehicles, Italian firefighters acquire a highly modern and powerful tool specifically developed for the needs of the Italian National Fire Service.

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