Magirus launches range of firefighting equipment at Spain’s SICUR

Tactical robot Wolf R1

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Magirus has launched a portfolio of technology-packed firefighting products at the SICUR trade fair in Spain.

One of the highlights will be the Magirus M32L-AT NB with SmartControl is its telescopicing arm, the articulated turntable ladder opens up areas of application that conventional ladders cannot reach. The intelligent, particularly intuitive control is carried out via technically and ergonomically redesigned operating elements that ensure precise and safe maneuvering even in the most stressful situations.

The Wolf R1 enable even more effective and safe operations, with a completely electric drive. Magirus says the Wolf R1 been designed to meet the increased requirements of complex, high-risk operations.

The robot allows firefighters to stay out of harm’s way in conditions of intense heat, collapse dangers, hazardous materials investigations or poor visibility, while persevering on the spot with complete precision.

The multifunctional robot enables all-round visibility thanks to special camera systems which, thanks to a particularly stable data transmission solution, reliably provide the operations command with live images for situation assessment. Particularly in conjunction with the Magirus TacticNet mobile tactical operations network and drone support, the Wolf R1 creates transparency for mission command and enables a new level of safety.

Magirus is also displaying its AirCore TAF60 and debuting the new AirCore TAF35-C firefighting robots. The robots have a remote-control range of up to 300 metres. Both AirCore TAFs are compact and, with a height of less than 2 metres.

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