Meiko introduces new respirator warewasher


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Meiko has launched a new respirator washing machine that claims to save on labour, chemicals, hygiene, and most importantly ensures consistent results and eliminates the risk of human error. The German engineering brand specialises in manufacturing warewashing and food waste handling equipment.

According to Meiko this is the first disinfection machine to clean masks. The automated washing technology for respirators and face masks provides Log 5 protection.

Washing in a machine, rather than hand washing, protects staff from aerosols and ensures maximum hygiene and inactivation of Covid 19. Babcock’s Rosyth site is the first UK user of Meiko’s automated respirator washing technology, which provides Log 5 protection.

Colin Chrystal, health, safety and environmental manager, Babcock’s Rosyth said: “Along with being able to evidence compliance with regulations, we know that our people are supplied with fully maintained kit, to the highest levels of cleanliness.”

“We anticipate being able to fully inspect, disinfect and maintain 60 units per day, comfortably. Babcock’s Rosyth site is currently washing 10 masks per day using the Meiko TopClean M Cleaning and Disinfection system (3M 6000 full face respirators and 3M 7500 half mask respirators).

“We are also investigating the possibility of cleaning our powered Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) head tops using the same system (3M M-200 series Versaflo and Speedglas head tops).”

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