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The MetCam optical gas detection camera by Draeger: Visualising invisible gas hazards


The MetCam optical gas detection camera, now offered by Drӓger, automatically identifies and quantifies methane leaks even under challenging conditions. Potential hazards from escaping gases can thus be assessed more quickly and more precisely. Methane gas leaks are invisible, but even the smallest leaks can endanger the safety of an industrial plant and damage the environment.

In the oil and gas industry, there are often dense plant areas that are difficult to access with many potential leak sources. For such areas MetCam complements conventional point gas detection systems with area monitoring. “The MetCam automatically monitors the plant around the clock and detects gas leaks at an early stage,” explains John Wilson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Safety Solutions, Dräger.

Colored visualisation of the gas cloud

In contrast to point detectors, the gas source does not have to be in the immediate vicinity of the gas camera. Its field of view is already sufficient to detect the escaping gas. This means that detection is independent of wind or other influences. The gas cloud is visualised as a colored overlay on a black and white video image. In addition, the MetCam automatically quantifies the concentration of the escaping gas.

It can also be used to measure emissions, or as a surveillance camera with a color image. Self-calibration and automatic storage of measurement data The MetCam automatically detects when the optics are dirty or obscured and sends an appropriate warning to avoid false alarms. In addition, the MetCam carries out self-calibration at regular intervals in order to adapt to changing weather conditions. All events and measurement data are saved automatically.