Mich. FD adds 50 Bullard thermal imaging cameras to fleet


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With five stations, 56 full-time personnel, and 10 part time personnel, Rochester Hills, Michigan is putting firefighter and community safety first with a purchase of 50 Bullard TXS Thermal Imaging cameras for the local Fire Department. These TXS Thermal Imagers are the newest life-saving devices from global safety company Bullard, based in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

“We’re pleased to work alongside Rochester Hills Fire Department,” says Wells Bullard, President and CEO of Bullard. “The leaders of this department are forward thinkers, ensuring the department has a thermal imager for every riding seat of their apparatus. With a thermal imaging deployment model like this, the city’s firefighters will be well prepared with the latest technology, helping them more easily find victims and more safely navigate smoke-filled environments.”

A thermal imaging camera detects infrared light to allow firefighters to see better through smoke or darkness, helping them identify victims, hot spots, doorways, and hazards. Rochester Hills Fire Department’s purchase of 50 TXS Thermal Imagers puts the latest thermal imaging technology in the hands of these firefighters. These TXS Thermal Imagers were purchased through Dinges Fire Company, a Bullard authorized distributor.

The TXS Thermal Imager is a lightweight, palm-sized thermal imager, weighing just 1.6 pounds. As the most affordable thermal imager in its class, TXS offers firefighters a clear and sharp thermal image on the camera’s 3.5-inch display and is designed to be easy to use with simple one-button operation. Bullard engineered and built TXS to be tough and durable, even in extreme fire conditions.

“We designed TXS to be a thermal imager that is used on every call, getting more eyes on the fire, and more imagers in the hands of firefighters,” says Martijn Bosch, Bullard Thermal Imaging Product Manager. “By offering a clear and detailed image even in the toughest conditions, firefighters can make decisions based on the details and easy-to-understand temperature colorization TXS provides. It’s an indispensable tool for firefighters.”

Rochester Hills Fire Chief Chief Sean Canto states, “This gives us the ability to have every single firefighter on duty to have a camera available to them. A thermal imaging camera is as important as a fire radio or an axe. It is essential that each firefighter has one for their use while fighting a fire.”

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