Midas Safety Sri Lanka donates dry rations to affected families

Midas Safety Sri Lanka has donated dry ration packs to vulnerable families affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus.

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Midas Safety Sri Lanka has donated dry ration packs to vulnerable families affected by the economic impact of the novel coronavirus, with the motive of helping them cope with the loss of their daily income.

The 1,200 dry ration packs comprising of basic essentials such as rice, tea, salmon, dhal and other nutritional food were given to pregnant and feeding mothers, who cannot afford to buy them due to the haltering of their livelihoods.

The list of these families was obtained with the courtesy from Ministry of Health (MOH), Public Health Inspectors (PHI) and Grama Sevakas in and around Katunayake, Biyagama and Avissawella Export Processing Zones where the three manufacturing plants of Midas Safety Sri Lanka operate. These packs were directly handed over to individuals by the company staff along with the officials from MOHs and PHIs.

Midas Safety Sri Lanka, just like many other organizations, join hands for this noble cause which can bring in much needed relief to such families till they are able to get back on their feet. ‘My husband and I work as laborers and with many difficulties we somehow manage to put food on the table. With no work at all these days we barely get by. We are very thankful for everyone involved in this kind gesture. I am at peace knowing that I’ll be able to feed my children,’ Rathna, a recipient from Kannimahara stated.

The Doctors from various MOH Offices where the donations have been done, have commended Midas Safety for initiating this project as having a nutritious diet during pregnancy is linked to good fetal brain development, a healthy birth weight, reduces the risk of many birth defects whilst the same is vital for feeding mothers since the energy, protein, nutrient and vitamin content of the breast milk is essential for the newborns and infants.

Midas Safety Sri Lanka also donated 1.25 million gloves in support of the country’s tremendous efforts to curb the Covid-19 outbreak, in addition to several safety glove cartons donated to the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, the hospitals, police and armed forces, PHIs, and Ministry of Health.


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