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Case study: Moray Fire Protection


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Moray Fire Protection provides personal and comprehensive fire detection and protection services to companies, government organisations and individuals throughout Scotland. The company is BAFE registered and operates under industry recognised standards.

Located in Elgin, they are ideally situated to service clients throughout the whole of Scotland including Moray, the Highlands, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Moray Fire Protection have recently taken over a contract to maintain eight care homes across Moray and the Highlands.

Having inherited these sites from a previous contractor, Moray Fire Protection decided to upgrade and replace the installations with new equipment including the latest alarm signalling.

With analogue telephone (PSTN) lines soon to be redundant, Moray Fire Protection reached out to CSL as they felt that the DigiAir Pro Fire was the best suited signalling product for these installations.

Moray Fire Protection are working with CSL

DigiAir Pro Fire is a SP3 graded, radio only single path signalling solution, utilising all mobile networks via our WorldSIM to signal an alarm. As a tailor-made fire signalling solution, DigiAir Pro Fire also offers the faster catastrophic failure reporting time of 31 minutes.

With EN54 certified monitored signalling, they now have a fully compliant system, that can report any faults or issues in a much shorter period, providing peace of mind for their customers.

The UDL functionality available with DigiAir Pro Fire, plus the addition of the My Base App for remote configuration changes, allows Moray Fire Protection to manage their devices for their customers and
ensure the service is always working correctly.

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