More robust and comprehensive safety training for oil and gas companies needed says UL


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Several issues drive the need for more robust and comprehensive safety training for oil and gas companies, according to UL Solutions.

The safety company said that many oil and gas producers are experiencing significant staffing challenges as labour markets remain tight and many firms are hiring more employees with little to no experience in oil and gas exploration or production activities. These higher numbers of inexperienced staff exacerbate the need for employers to implement more comprehensive safety training measures.

It said that effective training programs support safer work environments and help reduce safety incidents for full-time employees as well as temporary and contract workers.

Such programs must, it said, target safety hazards, including risks of falls and injuries, explosions and fires, and high-pressure lines that can pose serious dangers to workers.

Another important factor driving the need for more comprehensive safety training programs at oil and gas companies, said UL, involves insurance and financial risks.

It pointed out that a producer’s safety incidents and reports can directly impact the rates they pay for workers’ compensation and other insurance; without this insurance, many companies cannot fully cover costs arising  from employee injuries or other incidents. 

To support oil and gas companies and augment the depth of their internal training processes, UL Solutions has developed industry-specific environmental health and safety (EHS) training courses. These courses target risks specific to upstream oil and gas operators, such as confined space operations, heavy machinery, and combustible and flammable materials. 

Accessible at any time online and on demand, UL EHS e-learning courses for oil and gas safety help companies move beyond minimal compliance with standards and regulations to instilling leading safety practices that  improve job performance and workplace safety.

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