Motorola Solutions introduces smart radio for Fire Market

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Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) announced that the APX NEXT™ XN P25 smart radio and XVN500 remote speaker microphone (RSM) meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1802 standard, the most stringent in the fire industry for use in hazard zones and conditions.

The NFPA 1802 standard was developed to define a more durable portable radio and RSM to support resilient and reliable communications, even in the most extreme fireground situations.

The NFPA certification body, the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), oversees rigorous testing related to the standard, including exposing devices to a direct flame for 10 seconds, 500ºF (260ºC) temperatures for five minutes and 9.8ft (3m) drop tests.

In addition, they validate that software safety requirements are met for hazard zone mode, self-checks, data logging, audible and visual alerts and visible event indications. The APX NEXT XN radio and XVN500 RSM meet all NFPA operating environment parameters, as well as requirements for design, performance, testing and certification, without compromising reliability and compatibility with communications networks.

APX NEXT XN combines trusted mission-critical radio communications with broadband capabilities for applications that provide essential information to help firefighters respond to emergencies. These include interactive maps with firefighter locations, multimedia messaging and GPS location information that updates every few seconds to enhance safety for every firefighter.

The radio supports seamless connectivity by automatically switching voice communications to broadband when users travel outside of radio coverage areas. It also features ViQi™ Voice Control, which enables firefighters to control their radio through simple and intuitive voice commands.

Jeanine Nicholson, chief, San Francisco Fire Department, commented: “Portable radios are an indispensable tool for firefighters, and our industry was in need of universal benchmarks to make sure these endure and perform in the most extreme of circumstances. Our agency was pleased to be a driving force in establishing the rigorous standards and testing criteria for the NFPA certification, and we appreciate the commitment of Motorola Solutions in designing a radio that will improve industry safety.”

Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, CritComm Insights, commented: “Reliable portable radio communications are a vital backstop for firefighters when conditions become untenable, and a mayday becomes a reality. The arrival of NFPA 1802-compliant devices marks a significant advance that helps ensure a crew member’s handset works when conditions are the worst. Advances in materials technology coupled with a rigorous testing process make this a major milestone in the journey to improve firefighter safety.”

Scott Mottonen, senior vice president of Products, Motorola Solutions added: “Firefighters today face increasingly intense and prevalent wildfires, as well as a growing list of challenges related to building structures, including more flammable furnishings and risks of material failures. This certification underscores Motorola Solutions’ long-standing commitment to the fire market and continued innovation to meet the demands of these challenging environments. APX NEXT XN and XVN500, our most rugged devices to date, are purpose-built to provide reliable mission-critical communications when firefighters need it most.”

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