MSA ‘excited’ for FDIC International 2022 return

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MSA Safety rounded off 2021 in style posting record quarterly revenues at $410m, increasing 6% from a year ago. Core product revenue increased 9% from a year ago. The positivity was attributed to acquisitions and strong growth in industrial PPE. Looking ahead, and with a major presence at FDIC International in Indiana, Jason Traynor, General Manager, Global Fire Service and Integration Leader for MSA Bristol gives IFSJ a sneak-peek on what to expect this year. 

Ahead of FDIC International 2022, what are MSA’s expectations from the show? 

We’re excited to be back in Indianapolis with FDIC returning to a full-scale event, and we’re looking forward to being together with our customers and sharing the latest in connected firefighting technology. We expect an incredibly engaged crowd that is looking forward to seeing how personal protective equipment is the driving force behind enhancing safety on the job. You’ll see that in how MSA’s G1 SCBA is the focal point of our LUNAR Connected Firefighter Platform, which includes using FireGrid’s insights to enhance crew monitoring and incident management. As always, we’re working to find new ways to keep firefighters safe and will feature Fotokite remote ariel monitoring capabilities that help heighten situational awareness at a fire scene.  

Give us an assessment of the American fire market’s performance over the last 12 months.  

As a leader in the safety industry, MSA continued to manufacture products for our customers who must work in times of global crisis, like the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, the need for emergency responders never went away, so their needs of products and services that support them in their role continued. Across the company, we saw solid demand for our products, but three of our largest drivers were personal protective equipment, SCBA and turnout gear. Despite supply chain disruptions and labor constraints impacting our ability to ship some product, we did set a record in 2021 for the number of G1 SCBA units shipped. 

On the back of MSA’s strongest quarter (Q4 2021), what can we expect from the firm for 2022.  

Our focus will continue to be on developing and deploying products and technology that will help keep firefighters safe while on duty, and specifically through the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform. This will include new ways to monitor and track equipment and to get updates and upgrades for those items through subscription services. Through our MSA+ subscription program, we can reduce capital spending, enhance operational efficiencies for our customers, simplify upgrades to new technology and services, and ensure products are always under warranty. There will be more fire products included in the MSA+ service, and we look forward to seeing this grow through the year and beyond.  

Tell us about your recent contract wins, and pipeline for the H1 2022. 

This includes working with our new customers, like the Israeli Fire Service, who will be outfitted in MSA Bristol turnout gear. The ISF has signed on for 5,000 sets of gear across multiple contracts. To help better manage their equipment and help keep firefighters safe, we also expect more fire departments to see the value in connected technology and the usefulness of having gear, equipment, and technology together from one manufacturer. The Easton Fire Department in Easton, Pennsylvania, is one of those departments. They will be outfitting all their firefighters with our LUNAR Connected Firefighter devices.  

Any more acquisitions or mergers on the cards? 

MSA has a proven track record of successful acquisitions in the fire service, including Cairns, Gallet, Globe, Bristol and most recently with our investment in Perspective Robotics AG in the development of Fotokite. While we can’t comment on anything specific, as the world leader in head-to-toe firefighting safety products and technology, we are always interested in pursuing opportunities to grow and expand our business, particularly when it aligns with our mission of keeping men and women around the world safe on the job. 

Tell us about inward investments within the business, and anything new we can look forward? 

We will continue to invest in our business to support the growth we expect in key markets. Here in the United States, we’re investing in our talent pipeline and developed a new college tuition reimbursement program at MSA Globe. We want to attract and retain the next generation of employees who will develop and create the products needed to help keep firefighters and workers everywhere safe. In Europe, we’re investing in our European Shared Services center in Warsaw, Poland, to better serve our customers, and in the United Kingdom we’re renovating space at our Bristol facilities. We’re undertaking these types of projects and initiatives to support our mission of helping to keep people safe.  

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