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NEBOSH announces three-year strategy focused on societal benefits

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Overview of NEBOSH’s new strategic plan

NEBOSH, the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health, has unveiled its strategic plan for 2024-2027, emphasising an increased societal impact through its new social purpose programme.

The strategy, dubbed “Developing Our Potential,” seeks to extend NEBOSH’s influence across more countries and sectors while continuing to offer high-quality qualifications and assessments.

This expansion includes significant investments in technical infrastructure to enhance innovative learning and assessment methods, along with the introduction of a new online portal for learners.

Expansion and educational excellence

Andy Shenstone, the Chief Executive of NEBOSH, highlighted the charity’s enduring commitment to educational excellence in health and safety.

He noted the critical need to broaden the organisation’s reach: “For over 40 years, NEBOSH has been trusted to deliver exceptional health and safety qualifications, and our pursuit of educational excellence will continue with this new strategy.

“But we also have enormous potential – and need – to extend our reach and increase our impact; when 2.3 million people a year lose their lives because of a work-related accident or disease, it is clear that there are many workers, communities and industries in need of health and safety education.

“I am particularly excited by the introduction of our new social purpose programme which aims to reach these people.”

“For more detailed information and to download a copy of the strategy, interested parties are directed to visit NEBOSH’s official strategy page.

IFSJ Comment

NEBOSH’s newly announced three-year strategy demonstrates a robust commitment to not only maintain its reputation for quality in health and safety education but to significantly enhance its reach and societal impact.

By integrating innovative learning platforms and expanding global access, NEBOSH aims to meet the increasing need for comprehensive health and safety training.

This strategic reflects the organisation’s commitment to continual improvement and highlights the critical role of educational institutions in addressing global health and safety challenges.

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