NEBOSH unveils new landing page for India

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NEBOSH launches India-specific landing page

NEBOSH has launched a dedicated India landing page to streamline the process of finding accredited Learning Partners in India.

This development aims to make it easier and quicker for individuals in India to locate and connect with NEBOSH-accredited Learning Partners.

The new ‘NEBOSH Learning Partners in India‘ page categorises Learning Partners into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers.

Each partner’s listing includes a direct link to their website, enabling users to contact them directly, view available study modes, and find out the partner’s location.

Extensive reach of NEBOSH qualifications in India

NEBOSH qualifications are delivered by accredited Learning Partners in over 140 countries.

In India, NEBOSH has a significant presence with Learning Partners located in various regions, including Kerala, Delhi, Cochin, and Hyderabad.

Each year, over 50,000 people take a NEBOSH qualification.

These qualifications are globally recognised and cater to individuals working in diverse industries such as oil and gas, construction, and travel and tourism.

Benefits for businesses and training providers

For businesses, demonstrating good health and safety provision can be advantageous in securing new business.

Many NEBOSH Learning Partners offer in-house training options, allowing employers to train multiple employees, teams, or even their entire organisation.

NEBOSH also provides an online verifications tool for employers to verify the qualifications held by new employees.

This tool is available for free on the NEBOSH website.

Training providers interested in delivering NEBOSH qualifications, as well as employers and aspiring OSH professionals, can find valuable information and resources in the NEBOSH Guidance section on the new landing page.

IFSJ Comment

The launch of NEBOSH’s dedicated India landing page marks a strategic move to enhance accessibility for individuals seeking NEBOSH qualifications in India.

This initiative is likely to simplify the process of finding suitable Learning Partners, thus fostering a more efficient learning experience.

The categorisation of Learning Partners into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers provides potential students with a clear understanding of the options available, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

The inclusion of direct links to partner websites ensures that users can easily gather detailed information and make informed decisions about their education and training.

Furthermore, the online verifications tool adds an extra layer of reliability for employers, helping them validate the qualifications of prospective employees swiftly.

This tool, combined with the in-house training options, reflects NEBOSH’s commitment to supporting both individuals and organisations in their pursuit of health, safety, and environmental excellence.

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