New fire panel configuration software launched by Kentec

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Manufacturer of life-critical control systems, Kentec Electronics, has launched the Loop Explorer 2 (LE-2) software to provide installers with a faster, more secure means to program and configure fire control panels that delivers a highly secure means of controlling access to the engineering software and access to Kentec’s technical support.  

LE-2 supersedes the LE-1 and will be used to commission all Kentec’s analogue, addressable control panels, providing one software application, with a common interface, look and feel, to facilitate all products.

It will support upgrade paths to newer fire control panels, including from Syncro to Taktis, helping installers to upgrade life safety systems with minimal disruption to end users. It will also support new devices from Kentec’s detector partners as and when they become available.

Automatic update alerts

Each LE-2 license holder will benefit from automatic update alerts and access meaning the system is commissioned and maintained using the very latest version and ensures optimum performance, providing a healthy system.

LE-2 license holders will also have access to Kentec’s technical support, training and product specialists. Installers will also be placed onto Kentec’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, enabling Kentec to better monitor and respond to installers’ individual technical support and training needs.  

The LE-2 software is available to all fire systems installers and Kentec Installation Partners (KIPs), who have enjoyed prior access ahead of its official launch.

Derrick Hall, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kentec Electronics, regards the LE-2 as key to further enhancing Kentec’s service and delivery: “We’re thrilled to roll out the LE-2 software to all installers and look forward to seeing them realise the enhanced security and safety features that it offers. Its launch also helps us to streamline our technical support offer, ensuring that we provide training and support tailored to specific needs and installer groups.

“We would also encourage installers to join the KIP scheme,” says Derrick. “In addition to advanced access to the latest systems and software, such as LE-2, installers benefit from complementary training, KIP certification and recognition as Kentec system experts. Overall, the scheme supports our goal to ensure that every fire alarm installation is optimised to realise the technology’s full potential.”

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