New fire safety guides in Scotland focuses on life safety


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Multiple new fire safety guides have been introduced in Scotland, including practical guidance for existing high-rise domestic buildings, existing non-residential premises, existing specialised housing and existing care homes.

Published by the Scottish Government, the guidance set out in this document provides practical fire safety advice on how to prevent fires and reduce the risks from fires in high rise domestic buildings.

The focus is on communal areas and aspects of building design in private accommodation which could affect the safety of others.

The guidance aims to reduce the risk to life from fire. As such, the focus is on life safety rather than protection of property.

The guidance is for those responsible for fire safety in high-rise domestic buildings. This includes owners, managers, property factors, property advisors and landlords, managing agents, enforcing authorities and those assessing fire risk.

It is for existing multi-storey high-rise blocks and tenemental buildings with a storey in excess of 18m above the ground, but no storey above 60m. Specialist advice should be sought for buildings above this height.

The guidance also includes criteria for determining the level of safety; these are benchmarks to make comparison against. Similarly, the methodology outlines for assessing risk is intended to assist in making comparisons.

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