New firefighting technology: Rosenbauer releases new RTE FX 750 hollow jet nozzle for high flow rates

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Introduction of RTE FX 750 nozzle completes high-end series

Rosenbauer has introduced the RTE FX 750, a new hollow jet nozzle designed for high flow rates, complementing the previously released RTE FX 400/475 and RTE FX 230/235 products.

This completes the high-end RTE FX series, offering nozzles with flow rates ranging from 40 to 750 litres per minute, suitable for various firefighting scenarios.

These nozzles are consistently operable, optimized for long throw distances, and built to withstand extreme conditions due to their robust construction and materials.

Ideal for exterior attacks

The RTE FX 750 is the nozzle for medium to large fires, with a maximum flow rate of 750 litres per minute, approaching the performance of portable monitors.

It achieves the longest throw distances in the RTE FX series, ranging from 39 to 50 metres.

This allows firefighting to be carried out from a safe distance.

The RTE FX 750 is also perfect for preventing fire spread and establishing fire barriers.

A slide valve ensures an excellent spray pattern in any situation.

The adjustable flow rate (360 to 750 litres per minute) allows flexible responses to changing firefighting challenges.

Each Rosenbauer RTE FX nozzle is available in versions compliant with EN 15182 and NFPA 1964 standards.

All-rounder for all types of operations

The RTE FX 400/475 is the all-rounder in the Rosenbauer nozzle range.

It excels in both interior and exterior attacks, with flow rates of 130 to 400 litres per minute (EN) and 115 to 475 litres per minute (NFPA), making every operation manageable.

The innovative Fast-Attack design aligns the control surfaces for flow and spray pattern automatically in the starting position for interior attacks, intuitively understood by the nozzle operator.

The haptic perception of cubic design allows proper handling even in zero-visibility conditions, reducing training requirements and preventing operational errors.

In this Fast-Attack position, the medium spray pattern is preset, offering an ideal balance of throw distance and spray width for interior attacks, optimal for smoke cooling.

Tailored for interior attacks

The RTE FX 230/235 is the optimal tool for interior attacks.

It is lightweight, handy, maintenance-free, and easy to operate.

It can produce an extremely wide spray to protect advancing attack teams from intense heat, while the full jet ensures maximum accuracy over longer distances.

The spray head on all nozzles in the RTE FX family is robustly designed with a fixed gear rim and a built-in spring that can be used to break windows.

A protector also absorbs any energy applied to the ergonomically designed handle, which is optimized for use with gloves.

The clutch valve can be rotated and is available in all common variants.

Only high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel are used in the construction of the RTE FX jet pipes.

The uncompromising technology, with slide valve and innovative Fast-Attack design, ensures safe, efficient, and effective firefighting.

Ordering and availability

The new RTE FX 750 nozzle can be ordered immediately through the Rosenbauer online store, with deliveries starting at the end of June.

All other nozzles from the proven SELECT FLOW series, as well as the high-pressure NEPIRO and special PRO JET nozzles, remain available.

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