New nimbusGo IoT device enhances fire panel connectivity

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NimbusGo introduces advanced features for fire panel connectivity

Nimbus Digital Solutions has announced the release of the next generation of its IoT device, nimbusGo.

This new version aims to enhance fire panel connectivity and streamline engineering workflows.

The device introduces several advanced features and an improved design, aiming to set a new industry standard for convenience and reliability.

The new nimbusGo device offers several key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Wi-Fi and radio range for stronger and more reliable connectivity.
  2. A compact and sleek design that optimises spatial efficiency and facilitates integration with any fire alarm panel.
  3. A magnetic case for easy and secure mounting and connection.
  4. Increased durability, as the removal of the screen makes the unit lighter and more robust.
  5. A next-generation rechargeable battery that provides up to 12+ hours of uninterrupted operation, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Peter Martin, UK Business Manager of Nimbus Digital Solutions, said: “We are excited to introduce the next generation of nimbusGo to our customers.

This upgraded device is a game-changer in the IoT space, offering a range of features that specifically cater to the needs of system integrators and facility managers.”

Improved usability and cross-platform access

The nimbusGo device is designed with usability in mind.

It includes browser-based software and mobile applications, making it accessible and easy to use across various platforms.

This cross-compatibility ensures that users can monitor and control their fire panels from anywhere, at any time.

The compact and sleek design of the nimbusGo allows for easy integration with existing systems, optimising space and improving overall functionality.

The magnetic case enhances ease of use, providing a secure mounting option that simplifies the installation process.

Peter Martin highlighted the user-friendly nature of the device, stating: “With its enhanced durability, improved connectivity, and user-friendly interface, the new nimbusGo is set to revolutionise how fire panels are managed and serviced.”

Enhanced durability and battery life

Durability is a key feature of the new nimbusGo device.

By removing the screen, Nimbus Digital Solutions has made the unit lighter and more robust, enhancing its resistance to damage.

This improvement ensures that the device can withstand the rigours of daily use in various environments.

The next-generation rechargeable battery technology used in the nimbusGo ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 12+ hours.

This significant improvement in battery life reduces downtime and maintenance requirements, making the device more reliable for users who need consistent performance.

Martin emphasised the importance of these enhancements: “The new nimbusGo is designed to meet the demands of system integrators and facility managers, providing a reliable and efficient solution for managing fire panels.”

Accessibility and monitoring capabilities

The nimbusGo device’s browser-based software and mobile applications provide users with flexible and convenient access to their fire panels.

This cross-platform compatibility allows for real-time monitoring and control, ensuring that users can respond quickly to any issues that arise.

The enhanced Wi-Fi and radio range of the nimbusGo ensure that data transmission is seamless and reliable, further improving the device’s overall performance.

This connectivity feature is essential for maintaining effective communication between fire panels and monitoring systems.

Peter Martin concluded by highlighting the device’s impact on the industry: “The new nimbusGo represents a significant advancement in IoT technology for fire panel management, offering enhanced connectivity and user-friendly features that will benefit system integrators and facility managers alike.”

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