New product manager for FireAngel

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FireAngel, a leading manufacturer of home safety products, has appointed Martin Phillips as their new Trade Product Manager. With over 25 years of experience in senior product roles in the electrical engineering sector, Phillips will be responsible for enhancing the company’s longstanding commitment to providing innovative alarms to electrical contractors serving the UK housing market.

In his new role, Phillips will be working closely with FireAngel’s operations and development teams to further extend the company’s dedication to combining the highest standards of software and hardware to achieve compliant alarm systems that provide first-class protection and user experience.

Phillips’ focus will be on accelerating FireAngel’s product development journey throughout 2023. His extensive knowledge in product development and application will support the company in designing and developing certified products that add real value to their customers’ lives.

Speaking of his appointment, Phillips expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with the FireAngel team. “As a customer-centric business, we are committed to understanding exactly what our customers require, then designing and developing certified products that add real value to their lives,” he said.

Phillips also highlighted FireAngel’s commitment to incorporating environmental sensing technologies into their alarms. The company is dedicated to addressing external environmental factors, such as damp and mould, which have been made all the more prevalent by fuel poverty. Phillips emphasised the importance of building the necessary requirements into the company’s product development to provide installers and their customers with all-round protection.

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