New range of wayfinding signage for residential buildings launched

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SafetySigns4Less has announced a new range of Wayfinding Signage for residential buildings to meet updated UK Fire Safety Regulations which requires all residential buildings with a top storey over 11 meters above ground level to display Wayfinding Signage in stairways.

The new range displays information on the Stairway designation and the Floor designation, as well as flat numbers found on each level alongside a directional arrow when needed, designed to provide critical guidance for firefighters in the event of a fire.

Under the new regulations, building owners and managers that fail to comply can face legal action. SafetySigns4Less has developed the range of Wayfinding Signs to make compliance as easy as possible.

The new range of signs offers a selection of basic floor, stairway, and flat/room signs available, in a range of materials from self-adhesive vinyl to glow in the dark rigid plastic.

SafetySigns4Less is also offering a Custom Sign builder that allows users to input their own text and numbers. All custom Wayfinding signs will be manually checked and amended by a team of experts to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

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