NFCC to launch a unified website in October 2023


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NFCC’s digital presence evolves for clarity and member accessibility

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has announced a significant update to its online presence, set to debut next month.

The forthcoming change will see the unification of two existing NFCC websites to improve clarity and increase usability.

The full details can be found on the current NFCC website.

Driving towards a ‘digital first’ approach

In 2021, NFCC initiated its Digital Transformation Project.

Its aim was clear: to align NFCC’s online positioning with a vision of being a primary digital provider for products, tools, and services to fire and rescue departments.

Part of this project involved reviewing their current online stance and determining areas of enhancement.

The forthcoming change will see the UKFRS and NationalFireChiefs websites combined under a singular domain:

This new site is intended to serve as the public face of the NFCC.

Not only will it offer information on their work, governance, and structure, but it will also be the primary hub for latest news, public reports, and updates related to NFCC activities.

Ensuring ease of access for members has been a pivotal focus.

Resources tailored for members will be readily accessible, safeguarding details that aren’t suited for public display.

Additionally, the new website will feature a dedicated members’ section, categorised by membership tiers, allowing for relevant content accessibility according to roles.

Launch details and member access

Set to go live in October, NFCC urges members and interested parties to monitor their communication channels, including emails and social media, for more specific launch details.

Once active, users will need to create a new account, with guidance set to be provided closer to the launch.

The NFCC released a series of FAQs shedding light on the rationale and logistics of the new site.

The primary goal is to enhance user experience, with a focus on clearer navigation and improved content management.

By merging UKFRS and NationalFireChiefs, content presentation and membership engagement are expected to see improvements.

Existing NFCC member resources will remain searchable, while the National Operational Guidance Strategic Gap Analysis tool’s reintroduction will be delayed for further refinements.

The website transition in October has been planned to minimise disruptions, with outages being brief if they occur.

User access will be meticulously managed, and security remains a top priority, ensuring links to UKFRS resources will be redirected to the new site.

IFSJ Comment

The NFCC’s move to streamline its online presence reflects a broader shift in the fire and safety sector towards digital optimisation.

By consolidating its resources under one unified website, the NFCC is positioning itself as a primary hub for information, news, and updates pertinent to fire and rescue services in the UK.

This shift is particularly notable for professionals and stakeholders within the sector, as the new website promises to offer an enhanced user experience, clearer navigation, and a dedicated members’ area.

Such initiatives reinforce the NFCC’s commitment to staying abreast of digital trends, ensuring that members and the public alike have swift, seamless access to crucial information.

About the NFCC

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) is a professional body that brings together the UK’s fire and rescue services. T

heir vision is to provide leadership and support, ensuring the delivery of high-quality fire and rescue services to the communities they serve.

Through collaboration, innovation, and influencing policy, NFCC strives to drive excellence in fire safety, prevention, protection, and response.

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