NFPA Global Solutions acquires Dyne Fire Protection Labs to enhance global safety compliance

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NFPA announces first acquisition for NFPA Global Solutions

The National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) recently announced the creation of a new company, NFPA Global Solutions™, which aims to provide compliance solutions, digital products, and advisory services through acquisitions and new business development.

NFPA Global Solutions has now made its first acquisition in the shape of Dyne Fire Protection Labs, an independent testing laboratory that supports compliance with essential fire protection codes and standards.

NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley stated: “The nature and complexity of safety continue to evolve, presenting a need for more advanced solutions to mitigate risk.

“NFPA customers have long asked NFPA for additional products to help them do their jobs.”

He added that the establishment of NFPA Global Solutions and the acquisition of Dyne Fire Protection Labs will expand the scope and reach of NFPA’s offerings, providing industry professionals with valuable tools and resources.

First acquisition under NFPA Global Solutions’ strategic plan

Carlos Correia, the president of NFPA Global Solutions, leads this initiative.

The acquisition of Dyne Fire Protection Labs is part of a broader strategic plan to enhance safety measures worldwide.

Correia commented: “The addition of Dyne Fire Protection Labs to the NFPA Global Solutions family enables us to provide companies with high-quality compliance testing technology in alignment with NFPA codes and standards.”

He also mentioned that as NFPA Global Solutions continues to build its portfolio, it will include other services crucial for advancing safety and benefiting businesses across various industries.

Dyne Fire Protection Labs’ response to the acquisition

Mark Spaniol, CEO of Dyne Fire Protection Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition: “We are excited to join NFPA Global Solutions.

“We have created a very successful model and will now be able to increase our global reach, impacting safety through effective fire suppression compliance.”

Spaniol emphasized that joining NFPA Global Solutions would allow Dyne Fire Protection Labs to enhance its contribution to global safety by leveraging NFPA’s extensive resources and expertise.

Benefits for industry professionals

The acquisition is expected to provide industry professionals with enhanced compliance testing technologies and resources, aiding them in adhering to crucial fire protection standards.

This move aligns with NFPA’s mission to mitigate safety risks through advanced solutions and expanded offerings.

Industry experts anticipate that the integration of Dyne Fire Protection Labs into NFPA Global Solutions will set a precedent for future acquisitions aimed at bolstering global safety standards and compliance.

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