NFPA seeks comments on development of battery safety standard

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NFPA considers comprehensive battery safety standard

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is considering the development of a comprehensive standard to address battery hazards.

As reported by NFPA, the proposed NFPA 800, Battery Safety Code, aims to provide uniform, minimum requirements for fire, electrical, life safety, and property protection related to battery technologies.

The increasing use of batteries in various applications, from consumer products to electric vehicles and energy storage systems, has led to a rise in fire incidents.

Although existing codes address some aspects of battery safety, there is no single standard covering the full spectrum of requirements.

NFPA 855, first released in 2019, addresses risks associated with stationary energy storage systems but does not cover general battery safety throughout the battery lifecycle.

Call for public comments

NFPA is seeking comments from interested organizations and individuals to determine support for the proposed standard.

The proposed NFPA 800 standard intends to reference existing related standards and develop new requirements to fill gaps, particularly in areas like fire and explosion risks associated with battery technologies.

Comments are being sought on the need for standards to address known battery hazards, ensure comprehensive safety throughout the battery lifecycle, and minimize losses and damages from current and future battery technologies.

Interested parties can submit their comments via email to [email protected] by 12 July 2024.

Technical committee applications

In addition to public comments, NFPA is seeking potential candidates for a Technical Committee if the Standards Council approves the development of the proposed project.

Stakeholders interested in participating can submit an application online through NFPA’s website.

Applicants must be logged into to complete the application and provide comments supporting the project.

Further information about the proposed standards development on battery safety can be found at

Importance of a comprehensive standard

The proposed NFPA 800 aims to address the gap in guidance for general battery safety beyond specific installations.

By establishing minimum requirements and referencing existing standards, NFPA hopes to create a safer environment and support local authorities in determining applicable codes and standards for battery hazards in their communities.

NFPA 855 currently serves as the primary reference within NFPA’s standards process for raising battery safety issues.

However, the expansion of battery use necessitates a more comprehensive approach to address the evolving risks associated with battery technologies.

IFSJ Comment

The consideration of a comprehensive battery safety standard by NFPA reflects the growing recognition of the risks associated with widespread battery use.

With incidents of fires and other hazards on the rise, the development of a unified standard like NFPA 800 could provide much-needed guidance to ensure safety across various battery applications.

By soliciting public comments and seeking technical committee members, NFPA is taking a proactive approach to involve stakeholders in the creation of these important safety standards.

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