Nigerian Society of Engineers embarks on fire safety campaign


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The Victoria Island branch of The Nigerian Society of Engineers has begun a week-log engineering programme that aims to increase community awareness on digital technology skills and fire safety.

The chairman of the branch, Engr. Emeka Benson Ibeh, told a press conference that the essence of this gathering is to intimate the public about our engineering week.

Ibeh said the purpose of the week is to give back to the community in terms of skill digital awareness, educate them on what the society does and also to focus on the theme of this year’s engineering week, which is on communication and digital economy the role of engineers.

The five days of activity will include a public lecture in honour of the branch’s immediate past president, Engr. Babagana Muhammed, a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, as well an induction of 59 new corporate members.

The branch has also organised a free digital skills acquisition training for its young engineers and SMEs interested to participate as a way of giving back to the community.

Thursday will see the AGM and election, bringing a new executive committee on board to govern the branch for the next year. Finally, friday will see a market fire safety campaign on how to prevent fire outbreaks with the use of basic fire safety techniques augmented with digital solutions.

On this year’s theme, “Advancing the Frontiers of Communication and Digital Economy in Nigeria: The role of the Nigerian Engineer”, Ibeh said: “The reality in doing business not just in Lagos, Nigeria but the world at large is now transiting from analogue to digitalisation influenced by the internet, new technologies such as blockchain and other digital solutions, and it has come to stay with us. The earlier we embrace it, the better for all of us”.

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