NYC firefighter unions criticise Mayor Adams’ building inspection plans


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Firefighter unions in the city of New York have warned about Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to transfer some structure inspections from the FDNY to the Buildings Department.

According to the New York Post, The city’s firefighter unions are sounding the alarm over an Adams administration plan to transfer some structure inspections from the FDNY to the Buildings Department — and even allow certain “self-certification” by landlords.

The draft plan, a copy of which was seen by The Post, said it would “transfer examination, permitting, and inspections” from FDNY to DOB for “construction-related work,” while mostly limiting FDNY inspections to fire safety compliance.

The plans also discuss exploring steps ‘where self certification of inspections is facilitated’ and the notion of using “third parties” to conduct inspections instead of city government inspectors.

Union leaders have come out saying that such a plan to allow building owners to “self-certify” their facilities as safe would lead to corruption and safety lapses.

Andy Ansbro, president of the United Firefighters Association, told

“Self-certification often in the past has been proven to be faulty. It led to the death of firefighters and led to the death of civilians. The fire commissioner, Laura Kavanugh, has done a great job, and to pull this out from her within the first month of her officially being commissioner is a disgrace,” the union chief said.: “There’s absolutely no reason to go this route — we’re against it.”

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