OroraTech forms partnership to enhance global forest fire management

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OroraTech collaborates with GREEN+ Programme to protect global subnational areas

OroraTech, a company known for its orbital wildfire detection and management solutions, has announced a partnership with the GREEN+ Programme.

This exclusive agreement marks the first of its kind and aims to provide comprehensive forest fire management services.

The partnership will cover millions of hectares of protected areas managed by sub-national governments across the world.

This collaboration will empower local leaders and emergency teams to monitor and combat destructive fires within their jurisdictions, enhance detection of deforestation, and aid in the conservation of local forests.

The initiative also supports the GREEN+ Programme’s goal to preserve biodiverse and critical carbon stocks globally, particularly in South America and beyond.

Key features of the partnership

According to Axel Roenneke, Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech: “With our Wildfire Solution platform, we are providing valuable access to easily monitor and protect widely dispersed forest areas.”

He expressed pride in supplying the tools necessary for GREEN+ Programme and its partners to sustain the integrity of their carbon future projects.

The partnership, encapsulated in the ten-year GREEN+ WATCH initiative starting in 2025, will significantly enhance the global monitoring of local government-managed natural areas.

OroraTech’s technology will be pivotal in providing real-time updates on wildfire situations, thus bolstering emergency responses.

Moreover, the partnership facilitates access to data from hotspot clusters through the GREEN+ Programme’s public platform, allowing widespread visibility of these critical environmental situations on their website.

Sebastian Navarro, Secretary-General of CC35, highlighted the broader implications of this collaboration: “We will work to make GREEN+WATCH a powerful democratization tool for global citizens to monitor the planet’s subnational protected areas.”

 He also noted that this exclusive contract with OroraTech is aimed at enhancing the conservation of protected areas to 30% by 2030.

Broader impact and future prospects

This initiative is monitored by entities like the CC35 Secretariat, which ensures the accurate and reliable implementation of climate change mitigation strategies in these vulnerable ecosystems.

The agreement promises to create the right incentives for preserving these areas while supporting the GREEN+ Programme’s mission effectively.

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