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Pierce sells 300th Ascendant 100′ aerial tower


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Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, has announced the sale of the 300th Ascendant 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower with mid-mount configuration, purchased by the Austin Fire Department in Texas through authorised dealer Siddons-Martin Emergency Group.

Since its introduction in 2018 the Ascendant aerial tower has seen sales growth in cities across the US and the impact on infrastructure, as well as the increased safety benefits of pedestrian-friendly roadways.

According to the State Smart Transportation Initiative, fire departments have historically pushed back on the narrowing of roadways because it impedes on the maneuverability of large fire trucks. However, trends show the narrowing of roadways to accommodate pedestrian walkways and bikeways, as well as growth in urban and suburban infrastructure, will continue in the years ahead.

“Public interest in more pedestrian-friendly access to business and residential areas has been on the rise, and in recent years, the City of Austin has added bike lanes to downtown streets,” said Greg Tatsch, director of sales for Siddons-Martin Emergency Group.

“As driving lanes narrow, this presents a challenge for maneuvering fire trucks. The option to have a mid-mount tower with a low overall height and length and without a large tail swing was extremely important for the Austin Fire Department, and we were proud to offer a game-changing fire apparatus with those attributes.”

The Austin Fire Department responds to 130,000 calls for service annually with 1,200 personnel among 51 fire stations throughout the city. As Austin’s urban and suburban roadways became narrower to accommodate its residential and business growth, the fire department recognised the benefits of the Ascendant 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower.

“We’ve seen remarkable interest in the Ascendant 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower because its size and maneuverability solve a problem for many fire departments without compromising on performance,” said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. “The 300th sale proves the significant demand for this best-in-class fire apparatus, and we are grateful for our customers’ confidence in Pierce’s quality and service support.”  

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