Plumis wins gold at Edison Awards in home use category for sprinkler solution

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Plumis recognised at Edison Awards for home use product

Fire suppression specialist Plumis has won gold at the 37th Edison Awards in the Products for Home Use category.

As reported by Plumis, the Edison Awards honour excellence in human-centred design, engineering, and new product development.

The award is considered one of the highest accolades in innovation and business success.

This latest win for Plumis’ Automist 13D highlights the company’s innovative approach to fire safety technology.

The Automist 13D has also been named on the TIME Best Inventions 2023 list and won silver at the New York Product Design Awards in November.

The system is designed as a sleek, targeted, wall-mounted alternative to traditional fire sprinklers.

It activates faster and uses ten times less water to tackle domestic fires, connecting directly to the standard water main and eliminating the need for large tanks.

Innovative features of Automist 13D

The Automist 13D reimagines traditional fire sprinklers with a design that blends seamlessly into modern homes.

The system targets the fire at its source, using watermist to cool and suppress the fire zone effectively.

This method uses significantly less water and reduces the damage following an activation, preserving homes and belongings.

Yusuf Muhammad, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Plumis, explained the system’s benefits: “We designed Automist 13D to save more lives from fire and offer the best level of protection for property.

“It is the only home fire safety system that targets the fire at its source, enabling watermist to effectively cool the fire zone and suppress the fire.”

Future plans for Automist 13D

Plumis is preparing to launch the Automist 13D into the US market, marking a significant expansion for the company.

The recognition from the Edison Awards and other accolades demonstrate the technology’s capability on a global stage.

Muhammad expressed pride in the recent achievements: “As we prepare to launch the system into a new market, we’re immensely proud to see it scoop another incredible accolade.

“It marks another successful milestone for our team, and we can’t wait to see the system installed across the US.”

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