Previda’s Ultravox is keeping buildings safe

Previdia System

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The firm discusses its integrated management solution for building safety

For several years Inim Electronics has been a leading company in the production of fire detection and alarm systems, with the PREVIDIA system it is focusing market attention on an integrated system with a 360 degree approach to the management of building safety. 

A security management system can only truly be effective when it is capable of integrating all the technologies that orbit around a building and only then when it is capable of offering the adequate means for management, operation and maintenance such to confer due credibility to the system. 

In the light of the above, the PREVIDIA system is now enhanced with a new model: PREVIDIA ULTRAVOX. This new model adds to the already consolidated technologies such as fire detection and alarm signalling, gas detection, management of emergency lighting, management of gas extinguishing systems, video verification and video detection via IP cameras, visualization of events on graphic maps, as well as management of voice evacuation (EVAC) and Public Addressing systems. 

Thanks to its modular structure, this new control panel is capable of housing new function modules such as audio matrices for audio processing, 250W amplifiers for managing speaker lines, allowing you to integrate a sophisticated audio entertainment system (equipped with an APP for the management of playlists, volume, voice announcements, etc.) which in the event of an emergency takes on the functions of an EVAC system that, as the result of the deep integration with other emergency-management technologies, guarantees orderly, controlled and safe building evacuation. 

Each model of the PREVIDIA range can be connected to the Inim Fire Cloud, a free service thanks to which it is possible to remotely supervise (also by virtue of interactive graphic maps and real-time images) the system, stretching from a synoptic view of the entire park of installed control panels to the real-time value read by each single detector. The Cloud also automatically manages the installation register by archiving (with the possibility of adding notes) every single event, all maintenance operations and all activities related to safety management. 

In conclusion, the InimFire application takes full advantage of the cloud to any Android or iOS smartphone, constituting a revolutionary means for instant supervision, guided maintenance, real-time system diagnostics and management of the installation register as well as professional maintenance, in such a way as to make the system efficient, effective and credible. 

All components and accessories of the PREVIDIA series comply with all applicable standards and have obtained the necessary certifications from the most highly accredited certification bodies in the sector and can boast various quality brands such as LPCB, IMQ, UL-EU, BOSEC and several others. 

Today more than ever, thanks to the PREVIDIA system, Inim Electronics can say that the circle closes, security at 360 degrees is covered, building control is complete and safety is guaranteed. 

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