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Public safety agency trial Motorola Solutions CirrusCentral Core


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For over 70 years, Motorola Solutions has worked with counties across the state to provide them with mission-critical communication solutions to help keep communities safe.

This October, Sumter County completed a successful test of CirrusCentral Core, a cloud-based secondary core for ASTRO® 25 Project 25 (P25) land mobile radio (LMR) systems, that eliminates the need for public safety agencies to maintain a physical, in-building secondary core site.

“CirrusCentral Core offers an unprecedented level of resiliency,” said Stephen Kennedy, assistant county administrator, Sumter County Board of County Commissioners.

“During this test, we seamlessly switched to the secondary core in the cloud and used it for over two hours. We experienced firsthand how it ensures seamless communications for first responders in the event that one of our system hardware facilities is destroyed by a catastrophic disaster.”

Motorola Solutions’ ASTRO 25 radio networks are built to perform during natural disasters and in the worst imaginable conditions. They are critical to coordinate an emergency response and enable federal, state and local agencies to communicate with one another to help keep citizens safe.

The technology behind these trusted radio networks continues to evolve and now incorporates next-generation cloud based offerings for greater resiliency and secure network management from any location.

CirrusCentral Core is available as a subscription service with a low upfront investment, no upgrade costs, and pay-per-site pricing to fit an agency’s unique needs.

It eliminates the need to purchase and maintain hardware for a secondary on-premise P25 core. It is secure and monitored by Motorola Solutions’ team of technology and cybersecurity professionals to ensure it is always up to date and available in an emergency.

CirrusCentral Core is now available for purchase.

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