QTAC unveils the adaptable and modular SRT storage skid


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QTAC™, has released the SRT, a modular, fully enclosed tank, pump and storage skid for UTVs. The QTAC SRT’s durable PolyTough™ construction will reportedly never rust, dent or crack, and its light weight means that the SRT is compatible with any UTV with a 1,000-pound or greater bed capacity.

“We had received numerous requests for an all-weather UTV skid,” says QTAC President, Jason Black, “and almost every one of our customers is looking for additional storage on their UTVs. The SRT addresses both of these needs in a modular configuration that is unique in the industry.”

The SRT comes with a 40-, 50- or 60-gallon water tank, and is available with either a medium pressure pump or high pressure Waterax Versax® 6. The pump, plumbing and electric Hannay hose reel are accessible through the rear AMDOR roll-up door, and kept out of the elements in a welded copolymer enclosure. Adjustable rails on the side of the pump enclosure allow storage boxes or hose trays to be mounted at various heights to accommodate different UTV bed sides.

“Each SRT PolyTough side storage box has over six cubic feet of interior space, and the hinges and recessed gas shocks keep the entire door design clean and low profile,” continues Black.

“One of the key features of the SRT side boxes is that they don’t require any drilling in the UTV’s stock bed. Additionally, a customer can order the tank and pump enclosure without side boxes or use one storage box and one bolt-on hose tray. The SRT’s design is meant to give customers the flexibility needed to adapt the UTV to their specific requirements.”

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