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Ramtech’s WES3 wireless fire system ensures safety at Paris 2024 Olympic venues

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Olympic and Paralympic Village

The Olympic and Paralympic Village was inaugurated on February 29th, 2024, and is set to host athletes during the Paris 2024 Games.

Designed with exemplary environmental standards, the Village aims to provide top-notch services for athletes and a sustainable legacy for the Seine-Saint Denis community.

The Village will open on Thursday, July 18th, and will accommodate more than 14,000 athletes and entourage members for the Olympic Games and 8,000 for the Paralympic Games.

The Village spans three parts of Paris: Saint-Denis, Saint Ouen, and L’Île-Saint-Denis.

After the Games, the Village will become a new neighborhood for Seine Saint Denis residents.

During construction, Ramtech’s WES3 wireless fire alarm system played a vital role in ensuring early fire detection and rapid response.

The wireless capabilities of WES3 provided the flexibility needed for the dynamic construction environment, enhancing fire safety across the site and preventing potential fire incidents.

Adidas Arena

The Adidas Arena, a cultural and sports facility built for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, was inaugurated on February 11th, 2024.

Located near Porte de la Chapelle in northern Paris, the arena is designed to host events such as badminton, para-badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, and para-lifting.

Additionally, it is equipped for basketball matches and the Street League Skateboarding Championship.

The multifunctional venue, covering over 3,000 square meters, will continue to serve various purposes post-Olympics.

The construction of the Adidas Arena, characterized by sustainable design using recycled materials and extensive vegetation, benefited from Ramtech’s WES3 wireless fire alarm system.

WES3 provided robust fire protection during construction, ensuring the safety of workers and the timely progress of the project while aligning with the Arena’s sustainability goals.

Aquatics Centre

The Aquatics Centre, a multifunctional space with a 50-meter pool and a diving pool, will host water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming competitions during the Olympics, and will be transformed into a boccia stadium for the Paralympics.

Capable of hosting 6,000 spectators, it will also serve the local and national swimming community post-Games.

The construction of the Aquatics Centre focused on sustainability, using bio-based materials and solar energy infrastructure.

Ramtech’s WES3 fire alarm system safeguarded the site with its modular design, providing the necessary flexibility and reliable fire detection and alert capabilities.

This contributed to a safe construction environment and the successful, timely completion of the project.

Ramtech’s role in Paris 2024

The deployment of Ramtech’s WES3 wireless fire system in the construction of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, Adidas Arena, and Aquatics Centre underscores its essential role in providing advanced fire safety solutions.

As the Paris 2024 Games approach, the successful implementation of WES3 ensures that these venues are built safely and efficiently, ready to welcome athletes and visitors.

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