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Ranger Fire and Security expands with acquisition of IPH Fire Solutions

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Ranger Fire and Security broadens its fire suppression capabilities with IPH Fire Solutions acquisition

Ranger Fire and Security, a prominent player in the fire suppression and security sector, has successfully acquired IPH Fire Solutions Ltd, a move set to enhance its national fire suppression capabilities.

This strategic acquisition marks the latest addition to the Ranger Group, with IPH Fire playing a central role in Ranger’s plan to unify top-tier businesses within the industry.

The acquisition follows Ranger’s recent integration of Amerex Fire International Ltd, Ignis Fire Protection Ltd, and Syncro Group Ltd.

Based in the North West, IPH Fire Solutions has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive fire suppression systems, including their maintenance and removal.

Founded in 2014 by Managing Director Niall Hackett, the company has evolved significantly, specializing in bespoke fire suppression solutions for various environments, notably data centres and culinary establishments.

Strategic implications of the acquisition

Niall Hackett will join the senior leadership team at Ranger Fire and Security, contributing to the group’s continued growth.

With the integration into the Ranger Group, IPH Fire is positioned to enhance its service offerings to both new and existing clients, in conjunction with Amerex, further bolstering Ranger’s comprehensive fire service capabilities.

Mark Bridges, CEO of Ranger Fire and Security, commented on the acquisition: “IPH Fire is a very well-known national business that will add a very complimentary service to the Ranger Group.

“This is another major milestone for Ranger in our journey to bring the best proven companies together to provide customers with the highest quality of fire suppression service.

“IPH Fire provides Ranger with significant expertise and offers the most up-to-date and efficient fire suppression systems in the country.

“I have enjoyed engaging with Niall throughout the process and looking forward to working closely with him, as we share a similar optimistic vision for what Ranger can achieve in the fire and security industry.”

Niall Hackett, Director at IPH Fire Solutions, said: “Our decision to partner with Ranger over other companies was carefully considered and intentional.

“While we were exploring many options for the future of the business, ultimately Ranger was the best partner for us going forward given our mutual values and shared focus on providing a high-quality service for customers.

“Becoming part of the Ranger Group will enable us to further our scope of service and provide the best possible fire suppression offering.

“I’m looking forward to working with Mark and the rest of the team to enhance service delivery, explore new avenues for growth and foster collaboration.”

Ranger’s strategic growth and industry impact

Since its inception, Ranger has pursued a mission to establish itself as a leading one-stop solution provider in the fire and safety sector.

Supported by Hyperion, a private equity investment firm, Ranger is well-equipped to continue its trajectory of growth, with plans for further acquisitions and enhancements.

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of IPH Fire Solutions by Ranger Fire and Security represents a significant enhancement in their capability to provide comprehensive fire suppression and security solutions.

This strategic move not only strengthens their market position but also enhances the range of services they can offer, ensuring better coverage and more efficient service delivery across different sectors.

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