Ranger Fire and Security launches to reshape fire and security services in the UK

left to right is David Lee (CFO), Mark Bridges (CEO) & Ian Teader (MD)

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Left to right is David Lee (CFO), Mark Bridges (CEO) & Ian Teader (MD)

Entry into the market with strategic acquisitions

Ranger Fire and Security has announced its entrance into the fire and security market, marking the beginning of its mission to transform the sector through strategic acquisitions.

The company, founded by specialists in the industry and service business experts, aims to consolidate high-quality fire and security businesses under one parent company.

The initial acquisitions, Ignis Fire Protection Ltd and Amerex Fire International Ltd, are set to form the cornerstone of a platform designed to introduce innovative solutions to the UK’s fire and security sector.

Ignis Fire Protection Ltd, known for its exceptional service quality in fire detection and security, is based in the Midlands.

Amerex Fire International Ltd, a provider of vehicle and kitchen suppression services with national coverage, boasts long-standing relationships with a key fire extinguisher distributor and service provider.

These acquisitions underscore Ranger’s commitment to enhancing service delivery within the highly skilled and regulated UK fire and security market.

Strategic collaboration for industry excellence

Ranger’s strategy focuses on overcoming the fragmentation in the fire and security market by fostering a collaborative and efficient industry platform.

Businesses joining Ranger will receive support in growth strategies, finance, and expertise pooling.

This approach not only aims to enhance the value for customers but also to preserve the culture and relationships established by the service providers.

Corporate organisations, charities, and public sector bodies will benefit from a comprehensive level of service that meets all their regulatory obligations in fire safety and security.

Mark Bridges, CEO of Ranger Fire and Security, emphasised the potential for collective strength in the industry: “The UK’s fire and security industry has seen significant transformation, and we believe the best businesses can be stronger together – working collaboratively to offer high-quality services under one umbrella.”

Vision for growth and industry leadership

The collaboration with Ignis Fire Protection and Amerex Fire International marks the beginning of Ranger’s journey to become a leading entity in the fire and security services industry.

Supported by Hyperion, a group of experienced private equity investors, Ranger has the resources for further investments, acquisitions, and innovations.

The management team, including industry veterans like CEO Mark Bridges and Managing Director Ian Teader, offers unmatched expertise to companies within the Ranger group.

Steve Evans, Managing Director of Amerex, and Martin Donald, Founder of Ignis Fire Protection, both expressed their enthusiasm for joining Ranger.

They highlighted the opportunities for growth and the shared ethos of customer care that Ranger promotes.

With plans for continued expansion through strategic collaborations and acquisitions, Ranger is poised to strengthen its leadership in the UK’s fire and security market.

IFSJ Comment

By uniting leading service providers under one umbrella, Ranger Fire and Security’s launch is setting a new standard for collaboration and innovation in an industry characterised by its necessity for precision and reliability.

This model promises enhanced service quality for customers and offer a sustainable path for growth and development for businesses within the sector.

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