RapidDeploy and Western Fire Chiefs Association confirm partnership


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Today, RapidDeploy, a cloud-based emergency response platform, announced a strategic partnership with Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA), registered non-profit and division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs focused on developing best practices, cultivating leadership, and driving funding and improved quality of life for firefighters in the Western states. Together, the organizations will work to combine their visions and improve RapidDeploy’s fire-focused service offerings and technologies.

“WFCA’s storied history of grappling with the many hazards associated with the Western states’ unique environment and geography will bring unparalleled perspective for the team at RapidDeploy,” RapidDeploy CEO Steve Raucher said. “Our new alliance will offer an incredible opportunity for our platform’s evolution as we look to serve the fire and EMS communities with new features and technologies in the months and years to come.”

Today, RapidDeploy serves over 550 9-1-1 centers in California and Arizona, and its alliance with WFCA is expected to drive more adoption across the Association’s territory.

“RapidDeploy is doing things with its technology that public safety has dreamed about for decades,” WFCA CEO Jeff Johnson, Fire Chief (Ret.), said. “For the fire community, situational awareness is everything. From tracking environmental threats, to receiving OnStar data directly in the RadiusPlus Map, the data RapidDeploy can surface through its platform is an incredible asset for 9-1-1 and first responders.”

“There’s the platform itself, which is already powerful,” Raucher said. “But what we have found is, when you put people who have spent a lifetime of service in public safety with the platform, we gain insight into new nuances and potential use cases and can innovate on them quickly.”

“No one is more creative than the public safety community when it comes to their mission,” Johnson said. “When our teams sit down together and roll up their sleeves, we’re confident we can provide significant insight that helps evolve the tool and bring our shared visions even closer.”

To learn more about RapidDeploy’s 9-1-1 Public Safety ecosystem, please visit www.rapiddeploy.com. For more information about the mission of Western Fire Chiefs Association, please visit wfca.com.

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