Review of fire systems installation work in Western Australia underway

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State government reviews fire systems regulations

Building and Energy is examining the regulation of fire systems installation work in Western Australia as part of the State Government’s response to recommended building reforms.

The review will focus on regulation in apartment, commercial, and industrial buildings.

It will consider the installation and testing of hose reels, hydrants, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, alarms, exit lighting, and passive fire-rated construction elements required by building codes.

Examination of compliance and stakeholder feedback

Building Commissioner Saj Abdoolakhan highlighted the complexity of regulating fire systems due to the involvement of multiple regulatory frameworks: “We will examine evidence of any non-compliance with the current installation and testing requirements for these critical building fire systems.”

The review process will include two forums this winter to gather feedback from industry, unions, and other stakeholders.

The review will progress through several phases, aligning with the State Government’s commitment to effective regulatory design.

More information is available in the Review Paper.

Response to the Building Confidence Report

The project is part of the State Government’s broader response to the Building Confidence Report, which recommended improvements to building regulation across Australia.

The WA response has included a code of conduct for building surveyors, a registration scheme for building engineers, including fire safety engineers, and the Building Better decision paper on significant reforms to WA’s building regulatory framework.

The State Government is actively working to implement these reforms to enhance the safety and compliance of building practices in Western Australia.

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