Rhino Doors calls for increased awareness of fire safety

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Manufacturer of engineered doors, Rhino Doors, has called on architects and specifiers to consider the importance of installing higher performance fire door systems within residential and commercial developments across the country.

Earlier this year the Government’s new Building Safety Act came into force. The new act makes changes to the way residential buildings are constructed following the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 and holds builders and developers responsible for constructional safety, rather than residents.

The overhauling of legislation will see fire safety take precedence in residential developments, with the introduction of a new Building Safety Regulator to secure the safety of people and increase building standards.

While external cladding has dominated the political and media discourse in the aftermath of Grenfell, Rhino Doors is urging architects and specifiers to install high-performance fire doors to enhance building safety standards.

“It’s clear that changes are needed to ensure public safety in residential dwellings and public areas, particularly in high-rise developments, but greater attention needs to be paid to fire door systems,” said Jon Walter, Managing Director of Rhino Doors.

“While it’s a legal requirement that fire doors achieve an integrity rating of 30 minutes, many of our high-performance products boast ratings of up to 2 hours, providing enhanced protection against the unforeseen. Of even greater value is the specification of doors with an insulation rating, as well as an integrity rating, providing even greater protection for residents.

“Now, with new regulations in place, as well as a renewed understanding of the importance of fire safety in residential dwellings, architects and specifiers should be seeking out the very best fire door systems to safeguard residents.”

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