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Rhino Doors works night shift due to increased demand

Rhino Doors - nightshift working

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The UK’s leading manufacturer of high-performance engineered doors is working overtime to meet increased demand from clients before the end of the financial year (March 2022).

Rhino Doors, which has manufacturing bases in South Wales and Lancashire, has been producing its bespoke industrial doors for over 25 years, working on projects for the likes of Transport for London and the Ministry of Defence.

This year saw Rhino commence work on two projects for Transport for London, supplying bespoke fire doors for both the Northern Line Link at Moorgate Station and the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade Project.

Engineers on site at the organisation’s Port Talbot base are preparing to implement nightshift working patterns for the final quarter of the year to meet delivery deadlines, with several projects ongoing for clients in the key sectors of transport and defence.

“After a successful year marked by new client wins and considerable growth, we’re rounding off the financial year with all hands on deck to meet extraordinary demand,” said Stuart Lawrence, managing director of Rhino Engineering Group.

“Nightshift working is a system we have successfully implemented at Rhino in the past, allowing us to significantly increase output when required.

“It’s very encouraging to see the business in such a strong position as we enter the final quarter of the financial year,” he added. “I’m confident that FY 2023 will be a successful year for both Rhino Doors and the wider group, as we continue to broaden our scope while providing high-quality solutions to our growing list of clients.”

Rhino Doors’ busy close to the financial year is preceded by a series of new projects commenced, including work on a major North American rail tunnel, and the creation of new subsidiary organisations specialising in installation services and hydrogen explosion relief products.

The success of the Rhino Engineering Group in 2021 is a positive sign for UK manufacturing, as well as the local economies of North West England and South Wales, which the company operates out of.

To find out more about Rhino Doors and how it supports businesses spanning the sectors of transport, defence and critical national infrastructure, please visit 

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