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Rochdale-based QDOS launches advanced fire safety technology

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DynamicZM: revolutionizing fire safety management with new LCD technology

Rochdale-based company QDOS, specialists in fire safety, has unveiled their latest product, dynamicZM, an advanced alternative to traditional LED fire zone mimics.

The product is designed to enhance fire safety management using a large LCD screen that automatically displays an active fire alarm zone plan during an alarm event, with the capability to switch to other media in non-emergency times.

This development eliminates the need for manual intervention, providing clear and immediate identification of zones during emergencies.

Technology and investment

The development of dynamicZM involved a substantial investment and four years of dedicated effort.

The system is designed for versatility in various commercial settings including education, hospitality, office, and retail environments, offering the dual function of a fire safety and information display system.

In industrial settings, it serves to display vital health and safety updates, facilitating swift responses and effective evacuations during emergencies.

This innovation represents a significant evolution in fire safety technology.

Expert insights and product advantages

Damian Linley, founder and CEO of QDOS, expressed his enthusiasm for the new system: “dynamicZM is a step forward in fire safety technology, providing clear and immediate situational awareness during fire emergencies.

This technology empowers facilities managers, building occupants and fire safety professionals to take decisive action.” He further highlighted the system’s adaptability and clarity, stating that it eliminates confusion for all building occupants during emergencies.

The product is compatible with both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems and features a smart power saving mode among other advanced specifications.

Exhibition and availability

QDOS is showcasing dynamicZM  on Stand 4/M23 at The Fire Safety Event 2024, providing an opportunity for fire safety professionals to experience this new technology firsthand.

The product will be available through the QDOS approved installer network across the UK starting in the third quarter of 2024.

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