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ROCKWOOL introduces Fire Barrier EN to enhance fire safety

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New fire barrier product launched

Stone wool insulation manufacturer ROCKWOOL has launched a new fire barrier product, Fire Barrier EN, designed to improve building fire safety.

The product is tested to meet the latest BS EN 1364-1:2015 standards.

The 50mm Fire Barrier EN comes with an option of a black foil facing on one or both sides, suitable for single- and double-layer systems.

Will Wigfield, Product Manager HVAC & Fire Protection at ROCKWOOL, said: “Fire Barrier EN will replace our existing fire barrier products.

With the two options now available, we are underlining our commitment to ensuring that ROCKWOOL products are tested to EN standards wherever possible, while simplifying specification by streamlining the range.”

Enhanced fire resistance features

Fire Barrier EN offers fire resistance of up to two hours, depending on the application and fixing method.

It has been tested in various common applications, including below concrete soffits and within timber joist construction.

The product was tested with different materials such as steel, copper, and plastic pipes, as well as timber beams and cable trays.

The tests included a 300mm sleeve of Fire Barrier EN stitched back on each side, providing comprehensive fire resistance capabilities.

Transition and availability

Fire Barrier EN launches on 15th May 2024, following the expiration of Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slab certifications on 1st May 2024.

Specifications written before this date remain valid, but ROCKWOOL recommends updating to Fire Barrier EN to benefit from the latest EN testing standards.

The existing Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slab products will continue to support ongoing projects until 15th November 2024, after which they will be formally discontinued.

For more information about Fire Barrier EN and the ROCKWOOL FirePro range, visit the ROCKWOOL website.

IFSJ Comment

ROCKWOOL’s introduction of the Fire Barrier EN represents a significant step forward in enhancing fire safety in building design.

The product’s compliance with the latest BS EN standards ensures a high level of fire resistance, providing up to two hours of protection depending on the application and fixing method.

The transition period until November 2024 allows for a smooth shift from the existing Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slab products to the new Fire Barrier EN, ensuring ongoing projects are supported.

This development underscores the importance of continual product testing and updating to meet evolving safety standards, reflecting ROCKWOOL’s dedication to improving fire safety in building design and construction.

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