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ROCKWOOL unveils SCB cavity barrier meeting latest BS EN standards

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SCB cavity barrier launched by ROCKWOOL

Stone wool insulation manufacturer ROCKWOOL has developed a new cavity barrier called SCB.

The product is an expansion of its current range of cavity fire-stopping products and is tested to meet the requirements of BS EN 1366-4:2021.

This development demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering products tested to the latest BS EN standards, while providing customers with a more streamlined range.

ROCKWOOL SCB combines the functions of the currently available TCB and PWCB, enhancing and expanding their applications.

SCB will be available in two widths: 110mm as standard and 200mm for use where a party wall meets the external cavity.

It is suitable for use in masonry, timber frame, and steel frame cavities up to 290mm and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Features and benefits of SCB

SCB has been tested with a steel frame substrate in addition to timber, addressing customer requests.

Will Wigfield, Product Manager HVAC & Fire Protection at ROCKWOOL, stated: “With a fire rating of up to E120, I45, subject to the application, we are confident that SCB will support specifiers seeking to meet and exceed performance guidelines – for example, the E30, I15, Approved Document B (ADB Volume 1) criteria relating to dwellings.”

The SCB aims to replace the existing TCB and PWCB products, which will be phased out following the launch of SCB on 15th May 2024.

ROCKWOOL recommends switching to SCB specification in advance where possible.

Specifications written prior to the expiration of the TCB and PWCB certifications will remain valid, and the products will be available until 15th November 2024.

Transition from TCB and PWCB to SCB

ROCKWOOL’s transition plan ensures that the shift to SCB is seamless for customers.

The introduction of SCB as a replacement for TCB and PWCB is a strategic move to consolidate and improve product offerings.

Customers are advised to update their specifications to SCB in anticipation of the phase-out of the older products.

ROCKWOOL has made it clear that specifications for TCB and PWCB written before their certifications expire will remain valid.

This approach provides customers with sufficient time to adapt to the new product and ensures compliance with existing safety standards.

For more information, visit ROCKWOOL SCB.

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