Rosenbauer adds to forest firefighting vehicle portfolio


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Austria-based fire service vehicle manufacturer, the Rosenbauer Group, has added to its product portfolio for fighting forest fires.

The range, which features a line-up of forest firefighting vehicles, water-saving extinguishing systems (high/extreme pressure systems, compressed air foam systems), special technical equipment and lightweight personal protective equipment, has added the Rosenbauer firefighter excavator.

The new vehicle can be operated at high ambient temperatures and is designed to be used in wildland fire fighting, such as for creating firebreaks and access paths, dig trenches, or widen fireproof barriers (such as roads and paths).

The brigade excavator, which is positioned as an ideal clearance and recovery device in the event of floods, mudslides, or avalanches, does not have to be transported to the site of deployment on a truck trailer as it can drive there on its own at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

It features two modules: an all-wheel drive chassis and an excavator attachment with a telescopic boom.

The excavator module is powered by its own 126 hp engine, which provides a maximum digging force of 85 kN. The telescopic arm is extremely robust and has a horizontal reach of up to 14.6 m, giving the excavator a large radius of action and enabling work to be carried out at a safe distance from the seat of a fire, with a lifting capacity of 7 tons when the telescopic arm retracted, and 2.6 tons at maximum extension.

The model has a range of accessories, including shovels, buckets, tongs, grapples and hydraulic tools (hydraulic hammer) which can all be mounted on a rotary head which allows the tools to be rotated 360°, facilitating excavation and demolition work or the demolition of fire remains from all sides.

The excavator was jointly developed with the mechanical engineering company CSM Industry on the basis of their proven UDS multi-functional excavator. Production takes place on the premises of the Slovakian partner while Rosenbauer handles global sales.

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