Rosenbauer offers advice for firefighting vehicle maintenance


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Rosenbauer has issued advice on annual service and maintenance procedures of firefighting vehicles.

The firefighting vehicles manufactuer said that in order to keep Rosenbauer firefighting vehicles in perfect working condition it is vital to maintain the unit to the highest standards and in case of service, maintenance, repairs or modifications, users should rely only on qualified and authorised Rosenbauer service personnel as well as on original spare parts and accessories.

It said that service and maintenance activities should to be carried out according to the Rosenbauer service intervals and regulations mentioned in the supplied operation and service manuals, covering the Chassis, Fire Fighting System, Body and Fire Fighting Equipment.

The manufacturer pointed out that Rosenbauer spare parts and accessories have been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the highest quality standards of the vehicles brand, meaning production and inspection standards, materials, dimensions, shapes and function, and warned that using unauthorised parts could see increased risk of failure, faster decline and may void any warranty.

Thomas Kitzler, Product Manager Customer Service at Rosenbauer said: “We as Rosenbauer have therefore carefully designed service packages to make regular checks and maintenance, since every fire fighting vehicle require periodic inspection and service of systems and equipment to be able to rely on its availability and functionality.

“In case that you would like to have the service and maintenance carried out on your machines by Rosenbauer International as the OEM of the vehicles, we would be glad to offer you such services. Please refer therefore to”

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