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Rosenbauer’s RDS Connected Command App receives accolade at eAward

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RDS Connected Command App honoured in Organisation and Collaboration

On October 16, 2023, Rosenbauer was lauded for “The App for Emergency Services Organisations” in the “Organisation and Collaboration” category at the eAward of Report Verlag.

This event was held in the ballroom of the T-Center, attended by over 150 distinguished guests.

One jury member commented: “The app underscores Rosenbauer’s long-standing innovative strength and promotes the flow of information and rapid decision-making in crisis situations.”

RDS Connected Command App: A revolutionary tool for blue-light organisations

Designed primarily to aid fire departments and other emergency response teams, Rosenbauer’s RDS Connected Command app excels in alerting, situational management, organisation, and communication.

The interface design clearly differentiates between operational and general information. In the face of an alert, critical operation details are instantly accessible with an intuitive colour coding change.

The app also ensures real-time updates, facilitating improved mission planning with its integrated skills management.

This feature provides immediate visibility of essential skills, such as respiratory protection or drone piloting capabilities.

Moreover, the chat function streamlines communication, promoting consistent data sharing via individual or group chats.

As an added assurance, data exchanges within the app are always encrypted from end-to-end, guaranteeing user privacy and negating third-party access.

Additional features and availability

Rosenbauer offers a complimentary basic version of the RDS Connected Command App.

However, the fee-based premium version introduces enhanced features, like a linkage to the control centre and a more comprehensive skills management system.

It also includes an access and rights management system, coupled with document and image management capabilities.

Users can now find this app for both Android and iOS platforms in the Google Play Store and App Store.

The eAward, curated by Report Verlag, is an annual event recognising remarkable IT business projects.

An independent jury evaluates submissions based on the tangible benefits delivered to the users.

IFSJ Comment

The recognition of Rosenbauer’s RDS Connected Command App at the eAward highlights the progressive strides in technology catering to emergency services.

In times of crisis, the ability to quickly disseminate information and make rapid decisions is paramount.

Rosenbauer’s app addresses this need head-on, offering tools that ensure efficient communication, organisational support, and real-time updates.

Its emphasis on user privacy with end-to-end encryption further cements its position as a trustworthy tool for first responders.

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