Safety and emergency app Harbor partners with ADT


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Safety and emergency app Harbor have announced the launch of Harbor Premium, a paid subscription service within the app that adds critical features to help families during real-time emergencies. Harbor has partnered with ADT, a leader in safety and security, to integrate ADT’s proprietary mobile safety platform and industry-leading professional monitoring services into a new feature called HarborHELP.

This new feature allows users to be quickly connected to ADT’s professional monitoring team. ADT will contact the user, alert authorities, and share their location, as well as other user-provided, personally identifiable information to help emergency responders locate and identify them.

The subscription also includes a family access feature, allowing users to add an unlimited number of family members to their readiness plan to ensure everyone is in sync with where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Harbor is a platform designed to help people be and feel safer in their everyday lives, through data-driven, hyper-personalised risk management tools, and step-by-step plans that make disaster preparedness easy and accessible. Harbor builds actionable readiness plans for everything from hurricane prep to food storage by analysing household details, NOAA, FEMA, and USGS data points, land maps, building codes, and other private data sources.

“Harbor looks at what causes stress and uncertainty in our lives, and gives users the tools they need to be resilient and prepared for the unexpected,” said Dan Kessler, Harbor CEO. “In any scary situation, we know so many of our users’ top priority is the safety of their family and loved ones — so Harbor Premium offers family features that ensure everyone from your 8-year-old to your mother-in-law will have access to the information they need to stay safe. Our users rely on us in emergency situations, and ADT gives us the confidence that when our users need help, they’ll quickly receive the right security resources and assistance.” 

Harbor Premium adds new real-time risk mitigation features to Harbor’s emergency readiness platform, which recently announced enhanced risk assessment capabilities to offer highly personalised recommendations.

Features of Safety and emergency app Harbor Premium include:

  • HarborHELP: A simple slide of the HarborHELP button quickly initiates an S.O.S. and sends an alert to ADT. ADT will contact the customer, alert authorities, and share their location, as well as other user-provided, personally identifiable information to help emergency responders locate and identify them. HarborHELP users can chat directly with an ADT agent to report a disaster, fire, injury, gas leak, or security concern.
  • HarborFAMILY: Premium users can add an unlimited of number of family members to their account – granting each full access to premium features. Added members can access Harbor’s offline features and family emergency plans, get personalised risk assessments and action plans, and utilise ADT’s emergency response capabilities in the event of an emergency. This allows families to share important emergency information to everyone who might be in your home – from children and significant others to babysitters and in-laws.
  • HarborOFFLINE: Harbor users unlock access to hundreds of expert emergency guides as well as their personalised plan to help them navigate emergencies during cell tower and power outages.

Tapping into America’s largest network of security professionals

Harbor has partnered exclusively with ADT to integrate its proprietary mobile safety technology and 24/7 professional monitoring into HarborHELP. ADT will provide emergency assistance to HarborHELP users who feel unsafe, allowing them to connect – by voice or SMS chat – with ADT.

“ADT is dedicated to helping protect and connect people and the things they love most,” said Leah Page, Vice President, Mobile Security & Strategic Projects at ADT. “Harbor customers now have more options than ever to stay safe wherever they are, backed by America’s most trusted security company.” 

Harbor Premium will roll out starting in February for less than $11 per month covering unlimited accounts — enabling users to protect family and loved ones for just dollars a day. Download the app now or learn more at and

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