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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service terminates contract for control system

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After a period of deliberation and following legal counsel and the consideration of other specialist advice, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has terminated its contract for a new national command and control mobilising system (CCMS) with suppliers Systel.

Assistant Chief Officer Andy Watt, SFRS Director of Training, Safety and Assurance, said: “Work began with the supplier in 2018 and a project delivery plan was agreed, based on clearly defined milestones within the contract. We have taken a very proactive approach to managing the contract and have worked closely to support our supplier to achieve these milestones.

“Despite this, the contractor has not delivered on the agreed project plan or met the milestones. We have extended all opportunities to our supplier and exhausted all required contractual provisions necessary to assist in the fulfilment of the contract.

“This is a complex contractual issue which is the subject of an ongoing legal process. We are therefore limited in the financial and contractual details we can share at this point.

“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will continue to provide an emergency response through our current Operations Control mobilising systems, with backup systems also in place. 

“As a matter of priority we are considering our next steps.”

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