SIKA updates Fire Protection Solutions handbook


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Building chemicals manufacturer Sika has updated its Fire Protection Solutions handbook for the UK market as part of its commitment to helping specifiers and building managers develop a passive firestopping strategy.

The handbook contains detailed information on Sika’s extensive range of passive fire protection products which have been specifically developed to help restore the fire resistance of walls and floors when disrupted by linear seals, cavity barriers or penetration services.

The handbook has been updated to better meet the specific needs of specifiers working in the UK, with the guide providing technical advice and detail on the relevant testing and safety standards that need to be met.

Sika’s passive fire protection handbook is part of a range of resources that have been developed to help specifiers control and contain the spread of fire across a wide range of sectors. Most recently, Sika has launched a new online Fire Stopping Solution Finder tool has been created to support the specification process by helping to identify the most appropriate and effective fire stopping products to use.

Additionally, Sika’s experienced technical team is on hand to provide detailed technical evaluations for more complicated joint specifications. These technical evaluations are offered free of charge, and can usually be completed within a working week, providing all the necessary information is supplied. These are legal documents which can then provide building owners with the reassurance of knowing that they adhere to the relevant building regulations.

To discover more about Sika’s passive fire protection range and to download a copy of the Sika Fire Protection Solutions handbook, visit

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