Simon Banks steps down from BAFE Board


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Simon Banks has announced his decision to step down from the BAFE Board after eight years.

Commenting on his departure, Banks said: “It’s been a privilege to represent BAFE for the past eight years. Many organisations benefit from the good work that BAFE do to educate, protect, and save lives and protect property. We must continue to increase competency and training awareness whilst ensuring the best products, high standards, quality, and proficiency through our valued installers.”

Justin Maltby-Smith, Group Managing Director of BAFE, said: “In my first year with BAFE I can see that Simon has been an extremely supportive and valued member of the BAFE Board. Simon’s work, especially with driving new talent into the fire and security sectors, has been of great value, and with Simon’s support BAFE has been honoured to be part of this with our support of quality initiatives such as Apprentices for Fire and Security (A4FS), Engineers of Tomorrow and the World Skills UK competition.”

Banks recently launched the not for profit organisation The Banks Foundation, which supports young people entering the IoT, Security and Electrotechnical sectors.

Maltby-Smith added: “It is imperative that young talent is introduced into the sector to further establish a competent and capable workforce. Simon’s work will continue to aid BAFE regarding this issue and assist in upskilling people into more complex areas that require quality skills and knowledge to advance into these positions to keep people safe.”

The BAFE organisation, including Chair Douglas Barnett, Board/Council, and team gave their thanks to Banks for his service and continued support of competency and third-party certification adding that whilst no longer being a member of the BAFE Board, it expects the relationship will remain strong for many years.

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