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SimpliSafe and RapidSOS partner to improve emergency response


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SimpliSafe, creator of award-winning home security solutions, today announced a multi-year partnership with RapidSOS, developer of the world’s first emergency response data platform, to improve emergency response during an alarm event. By providing first responders with more timely and detailed information, this partnership will improve the SimpliSafe customer experience and response during an emergency. The partnership delivers potentially life-saving data from SimpliSafe’s platform to first responders during an alarm incident – helping first responders provide a more effective data-driven response when SimpliSafe customers need it most.  

Previously, when an alarm event was triggered, signals from SimpliSafe systems were sent to their monitoring centers, where a call was initiated to the homeowner to gather more details. These same details were then shared via phone call to a dedicated line at the local 911 call centers and sent to dispatchers.

Through this partnership, when an alarm event happens, information from SimpliSafe devices is now digitally routed to the local 911 center even before a phone call is placed. This enables SimpliSafe to share critical details so first responders in the field can make data-driven decisions, and deploy the right resources needed for the event. Critical emergency data, including household details SimpliSafe users provide within their profiles, such as number of family members or pets in the home, is readily available to dispatchers and first responders so they can respond accordingly. 

“Our mission is to make every home secure, and we are singularly focused on delivering better home security for all,” said Christian Cerda, Chief Executive Officer at SimpliSafe. “Our partnership with RapidSOS is the latest example of how we’re making that a reality. Together, we will strengthen communications with first responders, and ultimately, this tighter integration will better protect our customers.”  

“SimpliSafe is a leader in smart home security with millions of Americans protected. Through this partnership, we’re able to help deliver their customers a more intelligent response from police, firefighters and EMTs when it matters most,” explains Michael Martin, RapidSOS CEO. “By bridging the data gap, we’re working together to empower first responders with the information they need to protect property and save lives.” 

SimpliSafe shares relevant data from a device, sensor and/or customer profile when an alarm is triggered with RapidSOS’s network of Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs). The partnership remains true to SimpliSafe’s commitment to customers’ privacy. Data will solely be used to deliver customers best-in-class protection, and there are stringent data policies in place. SimpliSafe and RapidSOS share in the mission of transforming emergency response and have future plans to explore data integrations that will continue to strengthen communication with emergency responders and benefit SimpliSafe customers. 

SimpliSafe data is already available to more than 2,000 ECCs nationwide, ultimately helping drive positive results for first responders and customers.

“We receive thousands of home alarms annually, but often we don’t receive all the information we need to quickly dispatch the right resources,” said Michelle Potts, Communications Manager at Chandler Police Department, Arizona. “With SimpliSafe and RapidSOS, we’re receiving critical alarm information right on our screens, often before the phone call from the alarm monitoring companies even arrives. This partnership helps us respond to emergencies faster and more efficiently, saving lives and property.”

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