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Smart ways to make machine interventions safer

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Brady has unveiled a guide to increase workplace safety with a world-class Lockout/Tagout solution from a single supplier.

Lockout/Tagout is a safety procedure that temporarily isolates machinery from all energy sources, and that secures this de-energised state while machine interventions are ongoing. It enables safer machine interventions and helps avoid accidents caused by moving parts or premature machine energisation.

The main principle of Lockout/Tagout is “one person, one lock, one key”. Every padlock in a Lockout/Tagout programme has a unique key, which is kept by the person intervening on a machine. This effectively enables relevant employees to protect their own safety. Master and Grandmaster keys are possible, however their use is best restricted and usually part of strict procedures performed by Safety or Site managers.

An experienced, global partner

Brady Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of Lockout/Tagout solutions. It works with large and nimble companies to advance Go for Zero ambitions and compliance in workplace safety anywhere in the world.

Brody offers global experience back to our customers by harnessing all worldwide best practices and custom solutions in our Lockout/Tagout offer to help prevent any maintenance accident caused by machine energy or moving machine parts.

A complete Lockout/Tagout implementation from A to Z with Brady:

Best-in-class lockout procedures: No time to set up safe Lockout/Tagout procedures? Invite a Brady Safety Engineer to identify all machine energy isolation points and create illustrated, machine specific, world-wide best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures for your approval.

Optimal procedure management: The process of managing, creating, updating, reviewing, scaling and communicating visually instructive lockout procedures becomes a matter of clicks.

Block access to any energy control point: Temporarily block access to valves, buttons, fuses and any energy isolation point with our complete range of dedicated Lockout/Tagout devices.

Best safety padlocks in the world: Effectively secure the isolated state of your machines during maintenance with our unique SafeKey padlocks that offer 700% more lock and key options for elaborate, futureproof lockout programmes.

Reliably identify every lockout: Easily communicate about ongoing maintenance interventions with reliable Lockout/Tagout tags that can be delivered to, or created at your premises with our safety printers.

Practical lockouts: make Lockout/Tagout even more practical and efficient using our wide range of clever accessories.

Easily distribute lockout tools: Highlight the right solutions for specific lockouts, and encourage tool returns to the right location with our custom shadow boards.

Draw inspiration from Brady’s free guidebook “Enable safer machine interventions

Lockout/Tagout prevents workplace accidents by completely and temporarily isolating machinery from its energy sources. When implemented well, it stops machine movement and machine energisation while interventions are ongoing.

Use this guide for ideas on how to implement or strengthen your Lockout/Tagout programme, or contact Brady for answers to any questions you may have.

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